In today's economy, cash always has to be productive. How do you navigate this without becoming an investor alongside your job?

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🧠 The Era of Productive Cash

Over the past 10 years, the amount of U.S. dollars has increased by an average of 6.8% per year, causing rampant inflation. We recently dove into the 6 ways in which money is printed. In this inflationary economy, money has to make more money at all times, or you are losing your purchasing power.

Each adult is forced to become a risk-taking investor to keep up. Most people can’t just focus on what is important to them, they have to do more. It’s not right. We wrote a Twitter thread and LinkedIn article on ways to keep up.

This unfair system is why many of us get into Bitcoin: To preserve our wealth, slow down the treadmill, and eventually get off so we can retire, enjoy more time with family, and pass on generational wealth.

🟠 Earning More Bitcoin

Once you really get into Bitcoin, you can’t help but accumulate more to take preserving your wealth a step further. One way is to earn more fiat currency and convert it to bitcoin, but another, often overlooked, way is earning bitcoin directly.

Bitcoiners get into trading, mining, or lending out their bitcoin to earn interest, but they have to place significant trust in whatever entity they are lending to.

In the bottom right are ways that return only a few percent per year. Accepting bitcoin as payment for products or services to eliminate the USD to BTC conversion and any payment processing can be a great method, but volumes are often low.

We did not identify anything for the upper right quadrant that would help you accumulate more bitcoin in a low-risk way and make it easier to keep up with inflation. We’re closely watching this space.

🌆 Come Say Hi at Bitcoin Nashville 2024

Like previous years, our team will be at Bitcoin Magazine’s yearly U.S. conference again, which is taking place in Nashville.

We have a booth (number 816) and if you're attending, we would absolutely love it if you stopped by. We’ll make it worth it!

Our CEO Alex Leishman (center right in the picture) and Head of Marketing Sam Wouters (center left) will be speaking at the conference as well.