We are excited to announce River Mining, a new product that allows our clients to put their capital to work to mine their own Bitcoin. With River Mining, clients will have full ownership of their mining machines, hosted in world-class data centers. Our clients’ miners will seamlessly integrate with River Financial’s web platform and iOS app, allowing them to manage their Bitcoin brokerage and Bitcoin mining accounts all in one place.

River Financial was founded to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin. We started by developing the best way to buy, sell, and use Bitcoin in the United States. River Mining is the next step.

Mine your own Bitcoin with River Mining

Historically, mining Bitcoin with the latest generation of machines has outperformed buying Bitcoin with dollar-cost averaging. While Bitcoin mining has been a lucrative investment, it is also technical and capital-intensive. Chip shortages, supply chain breakdowns, and high residential energy costs have made entering mining more difficult.

River Mining removes these barriers for clients by making it easy to own, manage, and generate Bitcoin with a personal Bitcoin mining fleet. Clients can purchase the latest Bitcoin mining hardware while River manages the technical setup and hosting. All Bitcoin generated by a client’s mining machines is deposited directly into their River account.

Looking to the future of Bitcoin mining

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin is a core tenet that we cherish and one that is made stronger by adding more miners to the Bitcoin Network. At River, we believe that Bitcoin mining can be a great personal investment for our clients, while contributing to the strength and security of the Bitcoin Network.

To get started mining your own Bitcoin, join the River Mining waitlist. River Mining is expected to launch in Q1 2022. To open a River account, visit our website. We onboard entity accounts within 72 hours.

For any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated Client Services team is here to help.

support@river.com or (888) 501-2586