River Financial is launching an open-source Bitcoin library, Bitcoinex, in an effort to improve Bitcoin support in the Elixir language ecosystem.

At River Financial, we use Elixir to power our web application. Elixir is a functional language leveraging the Erlang VM designed for building scalable applications.

We love both Bitcoin and Elixir, so we are taking a step towards open sourcing our growing Bitcoin library Bitcoinex written in the language. Bitcoinex is striving to be the best and most up-to-date Bitcoin library for elixir. This is an ambitious goal and we are just getting started.

Today, we support the following functionality:

  • Serialization and validation for Bech32 and Base58.
  • Support for standard on-chain scripts (P2PKH..P2WPKH) and Bolt#11 Lightning Invoices.
  • Transaction serialization.
  • Minimal PSBT (BIP174) parsing.

View our code and follow our roadmap on GitHub.

Try our library on Hex.

We welcome contributions and comments on our GitHub