Late last year, we announced River Mining, an all-in-one consumer bitcoin mining product. Thousands of prospective clients joined our waitlist to mine Bitcoin with River, collectively looking to invest more than $600 million into Bitcoin mining. These clients range from individual investors purchasing one machine to family offices and investment funds building fleets of mining machines.

Retail investors turn to River to solve the same problem: gaining access to investment-grade Bitcoin mining returns with a seamless and high touch experience. Before River Mining, individual investors looking to mine Bitcoin could either buy, set up, and oversee a home mining operation, or work with consumer mining services that lacked transparency and quality service. River Mining solves these problems with its all-in-one product and transparent, inclusive pricing.

All-in-One Bitcoin Mining

River began as a bitcoin brokerage offering industry-leading security, custody, and client service. With River Mining, we brought that same expertise and quality to Bitcoin mining. Clients own their mining machines and 100% of the Bitcoin mined. On our clients’ behalf, River manages the full mining operation, which includes procuring the newest generation mining hardware, hosting in top US-based data centers, integrating with the leading mining pool, providing performance reporting, and maintaining mining machines for maximum up-time.

Seamless, Easy-to-Use Technology

The new River Mining product enables investors to monitor the performance of their Bitcoin mining portfolio and individual miner output. There is no need to log into multiple accounts to piece together the status of your mining fleet and Bitcoin investment returns. It’s all in one place with River. Bitcoin mining revenues are paid out daily to the client’s River custodial account, with the cost basis automatically tracked on monthly account statements.

Client Service through the iOS App,, and Human Support

With the release of River Mining, River offers the full suite of Bitcoin brokerage, custody, and mining services in one easy-to-use mobile app and on As with all offerings, clients have access to River’s Client Services team at or (888) 501-2586. River Mining clients also have a dedicated Relationship Manager to walk them through the purchasing and onboarding process so that clients know exactly what to expect. Our team can also onboard entity accounts within 72 hours.

The River team has been hard at work to make investment-grade bitcoin mining a reality. We are bringing thousands of mining machines online in the coming weeks for our clients, with agreements in place to reach tens of thousands of machines in the coming year.

Here at River, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin. River Mining is an important step towards our vision to provide easy-to-use financial products to grow Bitcoin wealth. Buy your miners today and mine the future of money at