In April 2022, we launched a hosted mining product to help anyone who does not want to physically run their own mining operation enter the Bitcoin mining industry. We have brought thousands of miners online for enthusiastic clients, and are invested in the long term success of this industry.

What does the long term look like for Bitcoin mining though? Mining has been very competitive over the past months.

Despite market conditions, we are seeing the emergence of a new wave of interest in mining that could make Bitcoin's hashrate grow tremendously.

To examine what Bitcoin mining may look like in the future, we have chosen the iconic next milestone in Bitcoin's hashrate of one zettahash (one sextillion hashes) per second.

In this report you will learn about:

  • Hashing
  • Bitcoin mining history
  • Hashrate projections
  • Bitcoin's security budget
  • Bitcoin mining rigs
  • Bitcoin's energy consumption
  • Bitcoin's relation to climate change and renewable energy
  • Hurdles that could slow down hashrate growth

We look forward to not only helping our clients understand what is coming for mining, but also non-client Bitcoiners, entrepreneurs, energy companies, investors, climate activists, policymakers, and people around the world.

Or alternatively, check out the video version.

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