Why did we build this?

Since the beginning of my Bitcoin journey in 2013 I have stacked the majority of my coins through dollar-cost averaging. At the time, I felt late to Bitcoin, but still had a deep belief in its long-term outlook as a global store of value. I forced myself to manually buy Bitcoin once every two weeks (when I got paid) to accumulate coins without any emotional bias during both bear and bull markets.

The power of dollar-cost averaging is the reason we offer zero-fee recurring buys at River, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve this feature. That is why today I am excited to share that we now offer hourly recurring buys on both web and mobile!

This has been a heavily requested feature, especially with recent price volatility. Hourly recurring buys give you peace of mind that you can stack bitcoin through short intraday price dips that a daily recurring buy may miss. With one tap you can now buy Bitcoin 24 times a day. 168 times a week. 8,760 times a year.

Take a look at our Zero-Fee product page to learn more about this feature, or set up a recurring buy yourself on the platform or mobile app.

What's next?

At River we are obsessed with giving our clients the best products for accumulating Bitcoin. Last month we announced Target Price Orders, allowing you to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specific price without watching the chart. Today we're adding one more powerful feature for stacking sats.

We have more updates in the works to help our clients maximize their Bitcoin investing and transacting experience. Stay tuned!