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The Lightning Network grew by 1212% in 2 Years 🤯

There are no public metrics that show how many people use Lightning. We set out to answer this ourselves and the many other questions around Lightning to help the industry move forward.

In our new report we cover:

  • How many transactions are happening on the Lightning Network
  • How much volume is moving over Lightning
  • How many people have access to and are using Lightning
  • 173 companies across 28 categories that make up the Lightning industry
  • How much funding has been raised by Lightning companies
  • Why companies are interested in Lightning
  • River-specific Lightning insights
  • Growth accelerators for the Lightning Network

There is of course an executive summary for you busy people!

You can download the Lightning report here.

The 13th biggest asset in the world

Bitcoin is currently the 13th biggest asset in the world by market capitalization. That’s before most institutions have really gotten involved. No wonder they are eager to get in.

At River, we believe that Bitcoin will be number one on this list one day.

If you’re wondering who is in the top 10, check out the full overview on companiesmarketcap.com.

Volatility is your friend

Big swings in the Bitcoin price happen all the time to the upside and to the downside. As the market looks to price Bitcoin, and based on where we are in the current life cycle of the asset, volatility is just part of it.

There’s been 40 full weeks in 2023 so far, and guess how many times Bitcoin moved more than 2% in any given week? 

20! Yes, half.

Do you have a plan for catching those corrections? We just launched Target Price Orders, which allows you to set your target price to buy or sell Bitcoin. Catch those slight dips without price watching to invest with efficiency.