For the Lightning Network to achieve its full potential in helping Bitcoin scale to more users, it is important that observers have an accurate understanding of activity on the network.

There are no public metrics on how many people use Lightning, so critics point at metrics such as node count, channels, and capacity, which have plateaued over the past year and thus give a false impression that Lightning's adoption may be stagnating or declining.

Our research shows the opposite, as growth in the number of users, transactions, and volume has been accelerating significantly over the past years.

In this report with 23 graphs and visuals you will learn about:

  • How many transactions are happening on the Lightning Network
  • How much volume is moving over Lightning
  • How many people have access to and are using Lightning
  • 173 companies across 28 categories that make up the Lightning industry
  • How much funding has been raised by Lightning companies
  • Companies are interested in Lightning and why
  • River-specific Lightning insights
  • Growth accelerators for the Lightning Network